This is a meta to flag that work is underway to port comment module to field api.
Sandbox is here:


  • Will break comment dependency on node
  • Will break node dependency on comment ({node}.comment in node_schema())
  • Comments on any entity
  • Multiple comment fields on an entity. Eg for and against comments. Comments by admin (hidden with field permissions) and comments by public (perfect for commerce orders etc).

Ping me on irc if you want commit access @larowlan.
Work is taking place in the comment-fieldapi branch.
Commits messages are very verbose and indicate current status.


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Issue tags: +Platform Initiative

This would be very useful! Comments on users out of box...
It seems that db-tables should be changed to allow a table per entity

EDIT: is there any solutions in contrib?

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Current plan is to rename nid to entity_id and add entity_type and field_name columns.
node_comment_statistics will become comment_entity_statistics with same changes as comment table.

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Not sure that you need some special storage, I think that comment field instance should be Shareable by view mode. I'll update this post with all links to comment issues.

Suppose we should should focus on storage first, then implementation and upgrade path

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Updated comment_schema.
Added todos for rest of comment.install port.
Added pseudo code for upgrade path.

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  1. I never tried it, but this approach seems solid -
  2. This begs for entity reference in core.
  3. This issue looks like a dupe of #731724: Convert comment settings into a field to make them work with CMI and non-node entities
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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)