Hellfire Commentaries front page

We here at HellfireComms.com specialise in video-game playthroughs, as well as commentaries on various films and television episodes/specials. Our commentary style is a mix of riff and review, critiquing and examining the various media-tropes that pop up from time to time (as well as mercilessly mocking both the good and the bad aspects of games, television and film).

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Drupal was chosen for its flexibility on the development side and its administration interface for entering content.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Using Display Suite allowed for a much easier way to change what is rendered at the template layer; the main feature that is utilized is rendering a block as a field. Views is utilized to generate blocks on pages for listing various videos related to a playthrough as well as generating RSS feeds for special purposes; RSS feeds used for the HFC Boxee application are generated using Views.

Hellfire Commentaries also has a mobile site which uses Mobile Tools along with Browscap to render the mobile version of the website for mobile devices users. Panels is used to render a custom full content view for various content types on the mobile site.