I'm trying to get Drupal-4.7.3 working on a standalone Drupal laptop.
I copied the drupal tree and drupal DBS from a live Drupal on the network.
I ran the update.php script on localhost after making my settings.php reflect proper location of drupal web and DBS.
I cleared the cache tables in DBS by running this command: delete from cache; (after 'use drupal473)

but, I'm still getting pages not found. the only page that shows is the drupal home page. all the links give something like this:

Not Found

The requested URL /drupal/taxonomy_menu/54/84 was not found on this server.

can someone help me get the links working?


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duplicate of: http://drupal.org/node/178949 & I removed your crosspost of same topic to multiple forums

now that you pasted a link that is problematic

the questions for you becomes, do you have a $base_url set in settings.php ? if so uncomment that line.

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I uncommented the line in settings.php for $base_url but that didn't make a difference.

I'm not able to get to any of the drupal admin pages. the only page that shows is the drupal home page.
so, I can't disable clean_urls.
all the links are broken.
like this:
Not Found

The requested URL /drupal/user/login was not found on this server.

any other ideas??

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Before doing your live site backup and send it to your portable you should follow some steps.

1. Disable clean urls.
2. Turn off some modules (if possible).
3. Clear cache table and maybe the accesslog and watchdog tables.
4. Backup the SQL and all the web site files.
5. Renable clean urls and the modules you disabled.

This backup should work on your laptop.

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How would I clear the cache, accesslog, and watchdog tables?

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on your localhost are your files in a folder called drupal ? or just in a the public root of your localhost ? you may be able to get around yoru problem by insuring your folder structure is exactly the same as it was on your server, if it isn't already.

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the drupal folder is in a different folder structure than from the live site.
on the live site, I have it in /home/shreemaa/public_html/httpdocs/drupal
and on the localhost drupal I use /var/www/html/drupal.

would that be the problem?

the database is in the same folder structure on both live and localhost; i.e. /var/lib/mysql/drupal473.

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Using the local host installation, do a clean (fresh) install with a new, localhost database. Get the new install working 100% before you import the "live" database. Make sure the live version of Drupal and the localhost one are the same, eg; 4.74.

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I managed to solve the same problem on my local install by looking at the file:


and removing the comment before:

#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Then it worked fine. Hope that helps other people. The mod_rewrite was initally commented out in my xampp install.

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I had exactly the same problem. I solved it by disabling clean URLS within drupal.
I had to manually insert '?q=' in every URL until I managed to log on, go to admin, and set the default to disabled.

eg replace 'localhost/mysite/admin' with 'localhost/mysite/?q=admin'

Thereafter it was fine, albeit issuing 'unclean' URLs. I'm guessing that if you disable clean URLS before you back up your system, the problem will not occur in the first place.

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This was a great and simple tip! It works now.

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This worked for me: "http://localhost/SITENAME/public_html/?q=user"

Even though it's a copy of my live site with Clean URL's Enabled.

So on LIVE I use "/user"
And on LOCAL "/?q=user"

Without changing anything to the LIVE site.

This will probably bring you to: "http://localhost/SITENAME/public_html/user/1"
Add the "?q=" like so: "http://localhost/SITENAME/public_html/?q=user/1"
And this works :)

But adding "?q=" all the time isn't the most fun thing to do, so therefor go to:
And 'Disable Clean URLS', now the "?q=" will be done for you ;).

Thanks y'all!

Follow your Bliss!

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Thanks for that - also helped me through an issue.

I noticed when I went to the page it said "my site was not configured for clear URL's" hence the reason the pages would not show up beyond the frontpage.