I have been reading all the bug reports, but many are from last year on this issue.
Here are my specifics:

  • Drupal 7.15
  • Pixture Reloaded 7.x-2.2 (subtheme of Adaptivetheme core)
  • AT Core 7.x-2.3
  • Aggregate and compress CSS files
  • Aggregate JavaScript files

My client just hammered me that the site http://www.colorado.biz does not work on IE8
I have tested this on IE 7,8,9, Firefox, Safari, and Opera but cannot duplicate the problem.
It seems like this is limited to certain versions of IE8

There are two complaints:
•on some computers, running IE8 the site will not come up
•on some computers, the block menu on the side will not work

On certain machines the site will not load but show the error message:

"We were unable to return you to cfocolorado.biz. Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore the website. It appears
that the website continues to have a problem."

If I run IE without ADD-ONS the site comes up.
If I run IE with ADD-ONS and manually disable all of the accessible ADD-ONS, it still has a conflict.

This means that it’s one of the obscure or indirect ADD-ONS that is conflicting.
This could be anything – the proverbial needle in a haystack

There were many possibilites in the the posted issues but not sure which way to turn
Has this been addressed in Adaptive 7.x-3.1?
Has this been addressed in Pixture Reloaded 7.x-3.0-rc1?
Is there a fix for this issue?

Thank you for your time and help in advance


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What is an ADD-ON?

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Add-on are plug-in software that work with /and enhance another software. Usually these modify the interface and/or behavior of a web browser

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AFAIKT there is no verifiable, reproducable issue you can identify with the theme, but rather it appears some add-on is the problem.

Not entirely sure why you ask "has this been addressed/fixed" because what exactly would I be fixing?

Look, to fix a "bug" one has to be able to reproduce the bug, that means loading the site/page or whatever under the exact same conditions and seeing the issue occur.

All I know is you have IE8 with some unknown "add on", by which I assume you mean some toolbar type thing for IE. I don't know the name of this add on, what version, what the operating system is, or any other factor that might be affecting this, such as the server, and of course the modules you have installed.

You have simply assumed the theme has a "bug", however this is far from verified - you need to verify this (and explain in fine detail how to reproduce it), or at the very least supply ALL the required information.

Your link gives a 404.

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Thanks for your help.
I put down the wrong site. It is http://www.cfocolorado.biz.

I will find out the version of IE8 and windows version that the site is crashing on.

Modules installed are:
Chaos tool suite

MySQL 5.1.62-cll


Web server:
Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4
FrontPage/ mod_fcgid/2.3.5 Resin/3.1.10 Sun-ONE-ASP/4.0.3

The reason I concluded this was a bug is that there are issues posted on Pixture Reloaded where sites work on every browser except certain versions of IE8 - this is the exact problem I am having.

This error was stated in other issues:

"We were unable to return you to cfocolorado.biz. Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore the website. It appears
that the website continues to have a problem."

Thanks for your help

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http://www.cfocolorado.biz is not loading in any browser, assume the server is overloaded, dns isues etc.