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MD5: 988495f11ef35cdf444e22a62f314b58
SHA-1: 2ba8049b08145474daf701cd7ef3b9b37b0276f6
SHA-256: 9433a9f9d934df92b1450468f38767e451c0d6b12ce8feead17ed086beea420c
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MD5: 35b020e166943b4d542ad873fc8a1b00
SHA-1: 28998225082e62dea93f6e3c5f504357796581f6
SHA-256: 8f5208f3fa5d8e1e249a4165cfa532717c3e4d606879300a4abb9c3432c0a616

Release info

Created by: amitaibu
Created on: 18 Sep 2012 at 16:47 UTC
Last updated: 19 Sep 2012 at 17:15 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Notable changes since beta1

  • #1730678 by Amitaibu: Provide a 'complex" widget instead of "Primary" and "Secondary" fields.
  • #1776560 by Amitaibu: Alter entityFieldQuery to allow using fieldCondition() on group audience fields. This means you can use entityFieldQuery directly on group-audience fields. With tests.
  • #1686394 by Amitaibu: Replace custom og-migrate with a proper integration with 'Migrate' module.

If you use Entityreference-Prepopulate please update to 7.x-1.1 or higher.

Other changes since 7.x-2.0-beta1

  • #1786176 reported by Nchase: Non-member could post within group using Entityreference-prepopulate. Move code to Entityreference-prepopulate.
  • #1785272 by brunodbo: Added Make default rules inactive.
  • #1783678 by Marty2081: Fixed Context not set if node type human readable name contains dash (-).
  • #1781674 by Amitaibu | azinck: Move all field-widget code to own include file, and fix integration with ER-Prepopulate for admin users.
  • #1511894: Delete on OG fields on uninstall.
  • #1781978 by mh86: Fixed Group audience complex widget broken for nested profile2 group content.
  • #1780420 by Amitaibu: Set 'items-count' on complex widget.
  • #1779558 by Amitaibu: Auto-create a matching group-audience field attached to the user.
  • #1778430 by Crell: Fixed og_context_determine_context() checks the wrong array.
  • #1777394 reported by wimberb: Fixed Theme key '' not found due to improper theme unset in og_complex_widget_after_build().
  • #1722328 by Amitaibu | joelcollinsdc, KarenS: Fixed Taxonomy groups have no 'group' tab.
  • Allow passing the group entity to og_group().
  • Statically cache the values of og_ui_get_group_admin() as it is used also as an access callback.
  • #1774166 by Crell: Fixed 'Member for' column is mislabeled in Views.
  • #1774294 by jhedstrom: Follow up, on setting correct NULL value in wrapper for non-admin.
  • #1774294: follow-up: If no values are set, pass NULL instead of array() to wrapper.
  • #1774294 by jhedstrom: Use correct diff to get 'other groups' in og_field_widget_form().
  • Delete the temporary variable in og_7200_og_membership() after adding fields to bundles.
  • Delete group-audience instances in og_update_7200() before enabling entity-reference, to prevent error on upgrade.
  • #1762158 by azinck: Fixed og_context_determine_context() does not honor weights set for context providers.
  • #1741290 by gdl: Fixed hook_og_role_grant() and _revoke documentation.
  • #1762154 by JohnAlbin: Fixed Sort admin links under Groups tab.
  • #1626336 by Nephele: Fixed 7200 og_user_roles().inc update error.
  • #1606990 by C_Logemann | liquidcms: Fixed Views permission handler does always not limit access.
  • #1695116 by penguininja: Fixed OG User Groups View displays Node's Groups as well as User's Groups.
  • #1529776 by RoySegall | lund.mikkel: Fixed Access denied to fields on user registration form.
  • #1349754 by jgraham, dtarc, jhedstrom: Added features integration for organic groups permissions and roles.
  • #1691370 by gdl: Fixed Misnamed OG Entity include files.
  • #1678202 reported by weekbeforenext: Fixed node create permissions override when og-register is enabled, to check field is attached to user entity.
  • #1674078 reported by john.p.baldwin.jr: Delete incorrect variable -- targert_bundles.


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