Schmidmair Tür-Design Frontpage
Why Drupal was chosen: 

Because Drupal is extremely flexible. The Modular System to build sites works really good. And i like clean HTML Code, and with Drupal you could nearly change every code snipped the user gets.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

This Site is a site for a small entrance doors dealer. The user could change the order of the nodes on the most pages with drag & drop. For the slideshow I use the Royalslider, for the implementation of the slider I wrote a little helper module. The site is build up on a complete now theme which is responsive.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Many modules are only to provide a better usability in the backend (Better Formats, Field group, Insert, Image Resize Filter, Linkit, Login Destination, LoginToboggan, Overlay Paths, Wysiwyg).
Views is on nearly every page in use. And Draggable Views is to order the nodes on the pages.
I use Contact form blocks because I want the ability to set the metatags on every page, so I just created an empty page with the contact form as block.
I use the Lightbox2 as full screen modal for the page flip catalogs because I don’t want the user to left the page to view the catalogs.

Community contributions: 

There are 3 little modules i developed for this project, but they are currently not contributed because they need some work before. One module creates a single page to clear the cache, so i have a single permission to clear the cache.
Another module integrate icons to drupal, for example to the local tasks.
And the Royalslider module.

Team members: 
Schmidmair Tür-Design Technology
Schmidmair Tür-Design Gallery
Schmidmair Tür-Design Contact