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I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour for Mollom. When I first installed Mollom on my Drupal site, I set the When Mollom is down or unreachable setting to Accept all form submissions, thinking, well Mollom's servers are probably going to be up 99% of the time, so this setting is just for that minority of cases when Mollom might be down. However, when it was set up this way, I would still receive dozens and dozens of spam form submissions. It seemed like I didn't have Mollom installed at all!

So I switched the setting to Block all form submissions. This stopped the spam from coming in - I didn't get a single spam post, in fact - but I also didn't receive any comments on my blog posts.. maybe I received one message on my contact form. I hoped this was normal, but then I heard from someone last weekend that they tried to contact me through my website, and they said they had some trouble sending it. I never received their message.

Suspecting maybe Mollom was blocking even legit form submissions, I switched the above setting back to Accept all form submissions. Now after having that setting enabled for only half a day, I've already received about a dozen spam form submissions.

Is this normal? It seems the Mollom servers must be down so often that this setting really does has a major impact on the way form submissions are handled on my site.

I guess I wouldn't mind paying a little bit to get a premium account if I can be confident that access to the high-availability backend will solve these issues. But from what I can tell, Mollom simply doesn't seem to work that great in general.

If someone can prove me wrong - maybe show me that I still haven't got the configuration right yet - I'd greatly appreciate it!


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Clarifying my comment about the premium account

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Bringing some emphasis to the content so that people don't just skip my issue because of its verbosity.

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I had exactly the same experience! Our website receives a lot of inquiries, most of which turn into actual orders, and after setting up Mollom to prevent spam, we also received zero, and I mean zero inquiries! After 3 days this became clear that something was not working right, and we returned to our old Captcha system which is letting spam through. Rather spam than no inquiries/orders!

I have looked and posted in the Forums, joined drupal support email lists, tried to read everything I can on this, but not a single reply or answer from a single person to help. If, in fact, my experience is because the "free" servers are not working much of the time, then I will be extremely upset. What I wonder is also why there are not thousands of happy Mollom users jumping in and speaking up, and showing me where I went wrong in my settings?


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I am having the same problem. It's very frustrating. Mollom is simply not working. A few hours ago when I tried to send a test message on my contact form to see if everything was working, I received an error message that said the Mollom spam service was unavailable and said to try again in a few minutes. I looked under Configuration and it showed that my Mollom keys were valid but there was a Mollom service error. I sent a support request to Mollom ASAP and asked why I was receiving this message. I didn't receive any reply from them but soon after the Mollom service error went away.

Now, I can send messages via my forms however when I use spam words that should flag Mollom it doesn't work. I sent myself several spam messages containing spam words and the Mollom is not stopping them by bringing up the Captcha form. I'm beginning to think that Mollom is not a reliable service as I previously thought. It seems that it works randomly. For example when I was building locally it worked great, but as soon as I move to dev and production it doesn't work consistently. I also wondered the same thing too....how so many people are using it successfully?

Btw: I am using the free service and questioned whether I should upgrade to the paid service for $30/month, but that seems rather expensive. It seems that the free service is sketchy so you have no choice but to switch to the reliable paid service. Any other thoughts and/or technical help is very much appreciated on this issue. Thank you!

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Same thing here... :/ I installed mollom to get rid of spam but it doesn't seem to be doing anything (tested by commenting with "cialis" but it got through).

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I believe most of the issues that have been raised are fixed now and with the latest stable release.

Additionally, there has been a slightly weird time-frame around November/December, which caused a lot of spam to slip through Mollom, which was fixed in December.

Regarding #3, please note that Mollom is a machine-learning system involving thousands of different factors and not a simple blacklist — therefore, a comment that only happens to contain "cialis" may be perfectly accepted, if the rest of the post dominantly looks not spammy.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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