When I try to block Administrator account by selecting it in the checklist of users and by applying block all selected accounts, it gives a warning that the administrator account cannot be blocked, but it actually did block the administrator account.

Drupal 7.15 used, fresh install with Role Assign module also installed.

Proposed resolution

  1. When user is not given the right to administer a user don't allow it to be checked in the list.
  2. Allow th right to hide a user from the list (Administrator)
  3. Allow the module to work without the 'administer users' permission


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I also found very soon this bug, I dont have the Role Assign module installed.

Edit: very similar to: (with patch, not working for me)

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As mentioned in the other report, I think that's because hook_user_update() was used -- which is called after the update has already taken place -- in line 160 of the latest beta, when probably hook_user_presave() should be used instead, so that the permission check gets called pre- rather than post-update.

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