If you translate a taxonmoy term in another language using some capitalized character (e.g. Essays) and then try to use the uncapitalized term in the url(.../essays), the term is not found.

The query serches the translation through the =, that does not match with differences in capitalization. The "like" operator should be used, but, being the field a BLOB, a previous conversion to utf8 is needed.

Proposed patch @ line 115 in the i18nviews/i18nviews.module file:

- $select->innerJoin('locales_target', 'lt', '(ls.lid = lt.lid AND lt.translation = :translation[...]
+ $select->innerJoin('locales_target', 'lt', '(ls.lid = lt.lid AND convert(lt.translation using utf8) like :translation[...]