After creating a new node with a field that is a galleria field I get this error with no image visible:
Fatal error: Could not extract a stage height from the CSS. Traced height: 0px

But if I refresh the page then it is fixed


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Do you set width for .galleria-container in your css or in Galleria settings?

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I have the same problem.

Setting a hard value for the width of .galleria-container is not a good practice if you need the gallery to be responsive.
And setting the width to auto or inherit doesn't resolve this issue.

Any idea how to fix this?

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interested in this too.
in the setting it says

You should use this option to set a gallery width manually. By default, Galleria fetches the width from the containing element which requires special Drupal theme support.

what exactly does the theme support for it to work :)

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i had some problem here too. in my case it was a theme specific style. its often a problem.

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