I have tried to liste recent comments and entries at the right and left sidebar but sidebar first and second appearing at the bottom!

Thank you


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Not enough info to go on, a link would probably suffice, it all depends on your setup and of course that you have saved the theme settings at least once.

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I'm having the same problem. Everything was working correctly but I was adjusting the css settings to support mobile devices. Then for no apparent reason the site crashed. And there was a lock on the database which I resolved by exporting and importing the database. Now the site is functional but the themes aren't. If I attempt to change the settings on pixture_reloaded I get "undefined function at_get_setting". Both AT base theme and Pixture reloaded have the same problems with sidebar blocks appearing at the bottom of the page.
I was also using browscap for mobile devices although I have uninstalled it and it made no difference.
I'd like to completely uninstall AT and Pixture_reloaded but I have no idea how.
I've upgraded both AT and PR to the most current versions (I was using 7.x-2.x at the time of the crash) but it made no difference.

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Have to see the site, the reason your blocks are at the bottom is likely because AT cannot write the theme settings to the database.

Try this:

  1. Switch to Bartik
  2. Delete AT and PR entirely
  3. Go into the database variable table and delete the row "theme_pixture_reloaded_settings"
  4. Upload the latest versions of AT and PR, freshly downloaded so we know these are not corrupted in any way
  5. Clear the sites cache
  6. Enable PR and save the theme settings

"undefined function at_get_setting" tells me not all the files for AT 7.x-3.x are there or being read correctly.

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I followed your directions but I deleted every reference to AT or PR in the variables table.

After a couple of attempts I've actually got it to at least show blocks in the PR settings page. Looks good.

Many, many thanks for your help.

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Jeff and Patricia,

I ran into the same problem today.

What do you mean by AT and PR?

Thank you for your time.

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AT = Adaptive Theme
PR = Pixture Reloaded theme