I am currently using the 7.x-1.0-alpha4 version of User Relationships and version 7.x-2.0-beta1 of Author Pane on Drupal 7.15. Unfortunately, the User Relationships link is not showing up in the Author Pane in the forum area. I have checked all of the configuration options / permissions and everything appears to be set correctly. No errors are showing up on screen or in any logs anywhere.

This has been a bit puzzled since everything else appears to be working just fine. Has anyone else run into anything similar?

Obviously, having the option to "friend" someone on the forum would be a great feature to have. (Thus the reason for this integration.) But it just does not seems to show anything.

I must admit, I am not 100% sure it IS in User Relationships.... but since the file code for this feature is included in a file with User Relationships, I figured it was the best place to ask.

Any comments / clarifications / etc would be greatly appreciated.


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Closing this as a duplicate of #1553202: Authorpane integration broken.