In #1491956: Add UUID/Deploy support uuid support was added.

Perhaps it's possible to add beans to a deploy plan with VBO and/or rules. I've not tested this since I'd like to have an easy approach.

My proposal is to add a "deploy" tab to bean pages.

#11 bean-deploy_support-1785626-11.patch616 bytesthtas
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Here's a starting point open for discussion. I'd like to get some feedback before continue coding.

The patch allows to add beans to a deploy plan. Still to be done:

* show which plan is this bean part of, if any
* option to remove from a deploy plan

Some questions:

* Should it be a separate module or part of bean_uuid? A separate module within bean or a new project?
* What about renaming bean_uuid to bean_deploy?

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I'd like some other people to comment on this one since I've never used deploy but I'd rather there be a module_exists around the hook_menu element rather then put a dependency on deploy. We shouldn't assume that the only use of uuid is deploy.

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While I haven't test this patch I do have a thought. I'd rather see the deploy in a separate module rather then in bean_uuid.

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The patch in #1 appears to export the Bean, but when the feature containing the Bean is enabled, there is a fatal PHP error:

"PHP Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in mypath/modules/development/deploy/ on line 29"

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I may need to work on this functionality this week.

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Our project went in a different direction (not my call) so I'm not going to be working on this any time soon. Sorry.

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I didn't see the error mentioned in #4, but I did run into the following error when trying to enable a deployment plan feature containing a bean.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::uri() in [path to modules]/entity/entity.module on line 1082

The attached patch fixed it for me.

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So this is a good idea but I do not want to put a hard dependency on the deploy module in uudi (yes there are other reasons), this could either to in a separate module or have a module_exists check.

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Updated patch against latest HEAD