The .css output reads:

Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: compass/support.
              Load paths:
        on line 93 of sass/_base.scss

Line 93 of sass/_base.scss reads:
@import "compass/support"; // Add Compass' IE and vendor prefix support variables.

But the zen files don't include any compass/support files

I have installed compass (and Sass) with ruby, and created a compass project in E:/xampp/htdocs/drupal/sites/all/themes/data.


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This sounds like a Compass installation problem if you are attempting to compile your CSS the right way, for some reason compass isn't loading the required paths. compass/support is a core component of Compass and is loaded by default when you do a:

compass watch to watch for changes or compass compile to do a 1 time compile. Are you using one of these commands?

What does compass -v return?

I wrote some documentation around Compass installation and usage which you may want to read through:

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I'm was running into this issue as well. i'm on a windows system. The output of compass -v gives Compass 0.12.2 (Alnilam)
The way I fixed this was I needed to add the sass and css directories as an existing project to compass.
That is done with the command(s)
cd <[sub]theme directory>
$ compass create . --bare --sass-dir "path/to/sass files" --css-dir "path/to/css" --force
--bare tells compass not to create all the usual stuff it does.
--force is needed because there should already be a config.rb file and you most likely want to use that one.

Originally found part (bulk) of the answer here:!topic/compass-users/w1wZd4bKbGo

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Title: Zen .scss trying to import non-existent files » Zen fails to compile Sass due to Compass error on Windows

I'm very confused. Do you mean that Compass on Windows requires some kind of "registration" before compass can compile an existing project that has a config.rb file? That makes no sense to me.

@burlapdesign Can you paste the contents of your new config.rb file so I can see if there is so sort of Windows magic in there that lets Compass compile the project? I think the --force flag overwrote the default zen config.rb file. Thank you!

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I had a similar problem. Also on windows. But this error showed when I was using PhpStorm 6 with new feature. File watcher. I think the problem was because Sass File Watcher tried to compile only Sass to css and have not used Compass. If i tried to compile sass in command line with compass watch all was ok. Also all was ok when I disabled File Watcher in PhpStorm and used compass as external tool.


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@John Albin: Did you figure out whether the '--force' option overwrites the Zen config.rb file? I'm having a problem similar to the one described here (using Zen 7.5-1) & might try burlapdesign's solution, but I 'd like to avoid accidental 'side-effects' if possible.

Thanks, Jeff

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I'm not a Windows user.

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Here is my working solution on Windows:

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