Would be great to have a button to switch between various quality sources (if available).Just like YouTube, Vimeo and SublimeVideo do.

I'm building a video site. Each uploaded videos are transcoded at Zencoder, and I defined presets for outputting different quality sources. It would be very great to be able to offer switching sources based on the quality.

Would there be any plans integrating a feature like this? I am not sure what it really involves. But I can imagine, certain file name prefix or suffix may be needed to determine available different quality sources for the same format (MP4, WebM, etc.), a UI change in the player (of course)...

A second feature related to this various sources though, would be dynamically changing quality if the player is configured to be responsive. I have changed the provided templates and created a responsive theme for the player. So that it could be as wide as browser window. After certain width, I would like the player dynamically change the source to higher or lower quality source from the time it is left off.

I went to through the issues, didn't see anything related. Feel free to mark it duplicate, if I missed any. Otherwise I would like to hear what do you think about these features, and how we can contribute.



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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

It is not possible with the Video.js player. You should file a feature request at http://www.videojs.com/. This module is only a bridge between the player and Drupal.