I am getting familiar with exposed filters in Views and so far they work great.

However, I am struggling to make it work with my latest addition. What I would like the exposed filter to do would be with a simple checkbox to filter all those documents (in my case) with data in the field named "field_documentname".

I thought it would be straight forward to make a filter on NOT EMPTY fields, and perhaps the solution is staring right at me. Anyone with a suggestion to a solution is more than welcome.




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I'm not sure If I truly understand your question but, have you looked in the fields 'No Results Behavior' area? and check, 'Hide if empty'

or if you want to have check boxes and radios exposed to the users instead of drop-downs and text entry, have a look at this

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I would like to have a checkbox that limits my search to all those documents in which the field is NOT empty. Can this be done easily?



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Did you found the result. I too looking for the same.

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