In in _ds_entity_info_alter(), custom view modes are defined by:

$view_mode = array(
      'label' => check_plain($view_mode_value->label),
      'custom settings' => FALSE,

I am using panelizer-7.x-3.x to allow users to customize the layout and content on a view mode created with ds, and panelizer requires 'custom settings' = TRUE. If there not a reason for it to be FALSE, I would like to propose changing the value to TRUE to allow support with panelizer out of the box.

See #1782918: Allow custom view modes to be panelized.


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Well, it's following the logic in core. For instance look at node_entity_info() which by default only enables the 'teaser' view mode. See

Other view modes can be enabled on the 'default' tab at 'Manage display'. That should work as a work around. But you'll probably have to save the 'manage display' once to let the fields system know there are actually custom settings. But try it with just enabling first.
Of course, in case it doesn't work, I could add an option in the UI of custom view modes to let settings be TRUE, but default they will stay FALSE though.

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I just fumbled on the same issue: Enabeling a custum display from display suite in manage display for a content type (a way to setting in to true?) does not make it "panelizerable".



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Agreed, would also love to be able to panelize custom view modes!

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Not fixing this in D7 as it follows core like Swentel said. In D8 this functionality is in core and it doesn't activate the view mode either.