when I ran my test site: http://drp7.rvuuf.org/
thru the W3C markup validator: http://validator.w3.org
I got errors where id attributes were doubled for AT Commerce & Pixture Reloaded (both 7.x.30.-rc1)

hgroup id="name-and-slogan" id="name-and-slogan"
h1 id="site-name" id="site-name"
h2 id="site-slogan" id="site-slogan"

not a real problem, but thought I'd report anyway (Minor)...


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Project: AdaptiveTheme » Pixture Reloaded
Version: 7.x-3.1 » 7.x-3.x-dev
Component: CSS/HTML » Code
Priority: Minor » Normal

Looks like a PR specific issue, needs a minor change to the page template.

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you're right. I checked the original templates/page.tpl.php under Pixture Reloaded.

each of those 3 tags (hgroup, h1, h2) include an explicit id= attribute.
but apparently $hgroup_attributes, $site_name_attributes, and $site_slogan_attributes include 'id' also
since when I remove the explicit id= attribute from the template file, the resulting page source then has only one id= per tag now.

since the other 3 themes (AT Commerce, Corolla, Sky) also have the explicit id= tags, and the same attribute variables, I'd predict that they'll also suffer from duplication.


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Yep, just an oversight during the upgrade - I moved all these id's and classes into the attributes system to make it easier to override and add to dynamically without having to hack template files.