I am overriding the node edit form by panels. Normally each field of a content type has a form item on panels' node form tab.

For a flag, if I check: "Display checkbox on node edit form", it shows on normal node edit form. But I cannot find an item to put this checkbox on the panel overriden node form.

Please see the attached image. There should be an item for flag in the shown list.

#1 Flag-link.PNG13.6 KBSinovchi
panel_form.png39.91 KBSinan Erdem


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Look in the Entity tab:
Flag link

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Does that mean this feature is already available?

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@biarr: are you sure it is the form item (checkbox), not the output of flag?

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@Sinan Erdem
You are right. It was an output of the flag, sorry for misleading.

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The flag will show up in the "base form" output, but you can't separate it out.

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OK, adding the "Flag for node" content allows to flag an existing node in edition mode (node/*/edit).
What about creating a new one?
Without Panels, you can flag the content you're are creating (in node/add form) but with Panels, the "Flag for node" triggers an error:

An HTTP error 404 occurred.

Is there another panel content to use for node/add/page variant?

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I'm glad I ran across this issue. It appears that since the Flag checkbox is not available as a pane within "Form Content" that the initial value cannot be set. Anyone found a workaround in the meantime?

Edit: I found a workaround using the Rules module, if you need the value to always be set.

First, you have to disable "Display checkbox on node edit form" and then add a rule "After saving new content of type" with the action "Flag a Node". This way, whenever a new node is created, the current logged in user will automatically subscribe to it.

I hope this helps others looking for the same functionality.