Over in #1654968: White screen on the chatroom page, blackclover asked: "Do you have any plans on making the chatroom field available in rules so we can use the set data action on them."

this sounds like a useful feature, though i don't really know rules, so opening this issue to track the work. patches / pointers welcome.


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Title: Make the chatroom field available in views » Make the chatroom field available in rules


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Just a heads up: the chatroom archiving module has rules integration for handling archiving chats. I'm interested what additional rules integration would be wanted?

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Markwk I checked out you module and it is useful but what I need is to use the 'set the data value' action for chatroom fields similar to other cck fields. For example I would like to automatically set the chatroom title to the nodes title and be able to access all the other properties, public, roles and archive. Almost all the nodes on my site are created via a scheduled rule triggered by the status of the project so no human actually edits the document until after it is created and pre-populated with the appropriate data. It would be nice if a human didn't have to go in and edit these nodes to activate the chat beforehand.
Hope this helps.

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Yeah, my module does a pretty specific thing. Writing the code for the kind of rules integration you want shouldn't be too hard. I also suspect that the views integration would be pretty straightforward too. Just need to define the info so it's properly exposed to rules or views.

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i've committed a fix over in #1873550: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Chatroom as array when updating a node via the node admin form.

re #3 - is this still broken for you? what else needs doing if so?