I'm running drupal 7, and have installed and enabled menu_attributes rc2. I can change the menu attributes at admin/structure/menu/settings, but they do not show up in my html. Any advice? I've tried flushing all caches.


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bump, same here.

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seems like the default (standard) value is only inserted on node creation (not inserted for present nodes).


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Guys any update on this issue ?

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@attisan you are correct, the defaults don't apply to existing menu links, they apply to newly created menu links as the default value for their creation. Not on node creation, but menu link creation which does happen at the same time in that case but semantics...

This does work as designed. I'm closing this as works as designed. You may re-open this if you feel this needs to be a different behavior. I'd recommend changing the issue to "Feature Request" and set the version to 7.x-1.x-dev.

Also, please provide details on how this feature should react to existing menu links/items with attributes already in them when the defaults change.