I made a blog with drupal, but I wanted to avoid in the main page "blogs" as title. Is it possible to change or delete only this title ?
Thanks for your help
PS : I'm novice


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to change the path, investigate the path.module (part of core) and make a url alias = Path: readable URLs

to change drupal terminology
investigate the locale.module and change the text strings as you see fit = HOWTO: Creating a customized language set to replace Drupal terminology

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Thanks for your answer but...
- Change the URL have no effect on the title.
- I tried to change the text string but I don't have the possibility to change this particular word (ie: the "blogs" show in the title of the main page).

I think I have to change inside the blog module, but I don't know how.
If you don't get my point, may be you'll understand after visiting it (it is in french)

Thanks for your help

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Well I found a solution.
Just make a new view which create the same display as www.yoursuperblog/blog and title it as you want.

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I am stuck right here. I too want to change the title "Blogs" to something else. Searching on drupal.org has not revealed any information on how to do that.

I have tried to change the corrosponding "title" field in the "menu_route" table in the MySQL Database, but some Module overwrites the changes.

Does anyone know, which Module is responsible for setting the "title" value in "menu_route"?

Or is there any helpful information on how to create a new view (again, no useful results with the search)?

:) Henning

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I too was struggling to find the answer and successfully changed the title from Blogs to Blog by finding the menu item (by default this will be in navigation) click the edit button and change to what you want.

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I didn't find that changing the menu title helped but the answer I found is to use the String Overrides module..

This module is a gem. During the time I've been using Drupal I've spent hours struggling with numerous bits of miserably inappropriate bits of text imposed by the system that were a massive pain to change.

String Overrides fixes any problem of this type in 30 seconds.

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just looked at the blog module and wanted to remind that the translated t( ) variable is

@name's blog

so, adding into String Overrides settings page

@name's blog

as an 'Original' ID in String Overrides, and typing the desired replacement text in the 'Replacement' field (i used "Blog Entries:") works like a charm!

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i installed that module and in the original i typed in admin's blog and the replacement super blog and it didnt do anything... is there something else im suppose to be doing?

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are you using "admin's blog" if so, according to the comment just above yours, you should be using "@name's blog" .. do not substitue @name's

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Brilliant! This worked great! Thanks.

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This worked perfectly; thanks!

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just a clarification. Changing the menu title under Navigation does change the page title for main blogs page (/blog) and the String Replacement module can change individual users' blog titles and links (ex: user's blog TO user's posts).

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Modifying the "Navigation" menu, editing the "Blogs" item, and changing its "Menu link title" worked for me, too.

I'm not sure this is the best method, but I believe it's fine for my situation--for now.

Rather than use String Overrides, I've been hacking the blogs module directly to change how this main blog page works. (I thought I'd be able to change the title this way, too, but couldn't.)

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At that point with those types of changes it's likely better to create your own content type and name it what you want and bypass use of the blog.module which is fairly rudimentary module.

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I directy mentioned it in the --> page-blog.tpl.php

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Change the word Blogs with your desired title in:

Line 109: drupal_set_breadcrumb(array(l(t('Home'), NULL), l(t('Blogs'), 'blog'), l(t("!name's blog", array('!name' => $node->name)), 'blog/'. $node->uid)));
Line 139: 'title' => 'Blogs',
Line 154: 'title' => 'Blogs',
Line 163: 'title' => 'Blogs',

clean cache and that's it.

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That's the absolute wrong way to change text strings in drupal these days. Never hack core files. If you have to hack a core file, you've done it wrong with most everything in drupal.

stringoverrides.module changes text, locale.module changes text, settings.php can change text. No reason to hack core for this and make updating your install more painful.

anything wrapped in a t() function as the function you are talking about can be overridden without hacking core.

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Replace "@name's blog" with whatever you want. You can keep the dynamic variable or have all blogs with the same name. Enjoy

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Good. — Fast. — Cheap.
(Pick any two.)

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Installed the stringoverrides module, looking good, put

@name's blog

in to be replaced with

Project Updates

to no avail. Is there any special formatting I'mm missing? quotes, perhaps (though I tried those)? I'm not getting the string "admin's blog" to change at all. Seems like this should work, but I'm obviously missing something.

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double check the string by opening the blog.module and searching for the t(' ') the string you want to change is kept in. When dealing with altering t's the entire string must be overridden even if you only want to change a single word in the string.

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If you only have a single blog I believe the following steps achieve what I think you are after:

  • Enable blog menu.
  • Change blog menu title to what you want e.g. Club News.
  • Create a URL aliases to point 'blog' to your new menu title Club News.

This will now make 'blog' become 'Club News' and all titles and more links will direct you to correct destination.

Only thing that I can see that makes reference to 'blog' is the link to create a new blog - 'Create new blog entry'

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Hi all, i know that this is a old post, but i'm using Drupal 7.39, and i am, developing a Journal Page, so my question is, how to change title "blogs" for the blog main page, and the path, when i mean path is about to change the path according my Taxonomy or Menu Link.

Pls check the image Thank you.

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I'd use a new content type rather than the blog module. Then you can title your list anything you want. Else use the stringoverrides module as discussed in this thread.