I do not understand why it shows a user the correct answers to a quiz that they're allowed to take over? There's really no reason to do a do-over if you're given the answers one minute prior. I think it should only show solutions on the last take if any other takes resulted in a failed percentage. Or maybe do some time frame in between takes, or at least give us a setting that allows us to turn it on only for the last take. Another thought could be, ask the user to confirm when they want to see results as long as they understand they wont be able to take it again after they look at the results.

This is an amazing module, you've done a ton of great work. I'm blown away at how powerful it it - thank you!


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I have a better question - why have an excellent module and rarely answer questions about it?

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any tips in regards with the question? this module is kind of useless without having an option of not showing results if users are allowed to take over.

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If you're planning on an answer about this module anytime soon I'd suggest you stop planning. The maintainer, to my knowledge, does not support the issues of this modules. Not sure if it's a time, interest, or both challenge.

I won't be using this modules too much more. It has things that aren't fixed, and will cause me more headaches.

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one solution is to disable the links that lead to the quiz answer on the results page
You will need to go into quiz.pages.inc and remove the link on 'title' and the 'more' link

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Issue is being addressed by djdevin in 2269219.

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