CAA Saskatchewan

We were contracted by the Phoenix Advertising Group to build an extensive site that required flexible, user-friendly content management. With a quick turnaround needed, we had only 2 months to build the site from a 30-page wireframe. The complex build required 16 unique page designs provided by Phoenix, as well as custom graphics to make the back end as usable and flexible as possible. The build also incorporated some custom API integration with the AAA system.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

The contracting advertising agency chose Drupal as the best solution for their Enterprise needs and contracted us because of our experience in Drupal.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

We were given 2 months to complete the build, which was outlined by a 30-page wireframe and 16 unique page designs.

Firstly, we identified how many different page "templates" were required to give the client the flexibility they needed to choose the style of each page they added. We tried to keep content types to a minimum and differentiated each content type with selections powered by conditional fields. We wanted to make the backend as seamless as the front.

Once we had outlined the required content types, we configured the fields with conditional fields and used field collections to reuse the field groups across content types. This saved both time and a lot of headaches!

To make things even easier to use on the backend, we used vertical tabs to organize these field groups and added some custom icons to each tab to show the content editor which section of the page they were editing. These icons worked really well (thanks veeolive) - see example screenshot.


  • Multiple page layout selection
  • Custom display settings for quicklists, tabbed fields, accordions etc.
  • Custom content entry graphics
  • Advertising
  • API integration
  • Custom savings calculator
  • Travel deals
  • Shop
Organizations involved: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

We choose Field Collection and Field Group to refine the use of fields and reuse them where possible. We used Conditional Fields to restrict the ones presented to the content editor based on their choice making a cleaner interface for the user.

We used the Link iframe formatter module to deal with the multiple iframes required and to give the client flexibility to add / change the iframes in future.

We use Omega as a base theme for all our sites as we find it gives us all the regions and flexibility we need. We normally create responsive themes but on this occasion there were too many iframes to consider a responsive version. A responsive theme is now scheduled for a later phase when the information in the iframes is brought in through an alternate method (API etc).

Custom graphics to enhance back end Drupal