You need to install jquery update and configure it to use jquery 1.7 instead of jquery 1.5.

I don't know if we can make a theme depend on a module.


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What happens if you don't? I haven't been using 1.5 and didn't notice any issue, but who knows what I might have missed. I'm strongly against making any theme depend on a module.

If need be we could always implement hook_js_alter or hook_library (I think that's what jquery update does).

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.on is a jquery 1.7 function that is used in various zurbfoundation fuctions.

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Furthermore Jquery 1.7 is the first jquery version that supports html5 So it is more or less the version of jquery that I would use for all new sites. (unless I used jquery 1.8)

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Ok I will take a look at the hook_library function when I get a sec or feel free to assign this issue to yourself.

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Based on the state of jquery_update I am more inclined to put it in documentation for the time being.

Also, it seems that if you don't use parts of the javascript functions it works without jquery_update.

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So I just committed this code

function zurb_foundation_js_alter(&$js) {
  if (!module_exists('jquery_update')) {
    // Swap out jQuery to use an updated version of the library.
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['data'] = drupal_get_path('theme', 'zurb_foundation') . '/js/jquery.js';
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['version'] = '1.8.2';

it checks for the jquery_update module and if it does exist it does it's thing. Otherwise it uses the jQuery version from the framework. If a sub-theme needed to it could always override this function if they needed to use older versions. Don't know if this is the most optimized but it's working.

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The only issue that I know of is that ctools ajax will not work if you are using that on any pages that are themed with foundation. (views and ajax being a big one.)

The workaround of course is to actually install jquery_update.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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A good resource for using newer versions of jQuery