Hello world,

my use case is the following:

I'd like to create a basic "Press Folder", which is a content type that references stories.
So, as you imagine, it has a field called "Stories" that is an Entity Reference Field to story-type nodes.
Each story has computed fields, which value depends on other fields of the same story.

I'm using Inline Entity Form module, that allows me to edit in place any story in a "Press Folder" content. And it works like a charm.

But the weak link is: I have to wait until saving the whole "Press Folder" content to get the computed fields computed (they are empty or filled with the previous value). And as I'm using these values in Views, I need have these computed fields stored in database.

So my question is: is there a way to have the value "live-computed" when editing the node inline AND THEN computed the same way and stored in database when I save ?

Hoping I'm clear, I'll give you all the precisions you want.
Thanks a lot for your help !