i want to ser the site in maintenance mode BUT allow still some pages. Can i easely add some "allowed" pages to a list and done?


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This functionality does not appear in core. There may be a contributed module that allows for this, but I've never seen one myself. Searching the modules (http://www.drupal.org/project/modules) is probably your best bet, if such a module exists.

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For anyone wondering, you can alter the access to pages in maintenance mode.

From user.module, line ~1800 :

    if (user_is_anonymous()) {
      switch ($path) {
        case 'user':
          // Forward anonymous user to login page.
        case 'foo/bar':
        case 'user/login':
        case 'user/password':
          // Disable offline mode.
          $menu_site_status = MENU_SITE_ONLINE;
          if (strpos($path, 'user/reset/') === 0) {
            // Disable offline mode.
            $menu_site_status = MENU_SITE_ONLINE;

Trying to add "foo/bar", and it worked like a charm. This is a hook of hook_menu_site_status_alter(), passing site status by reference allowing you to dynamically alter access to some pages in maintenance mode.

Writing your own quick module could do the trick in few lines :)

Quick example :

function mymodule_menu_site_status_alter(&$menu_site_status, $path) {
  if ($menu_site_status == MENU_SITE_OFFLINE) { 
if ($path == 'foo/bar') $menu_site_status = MENU_SITE_ONLINE;