I couldn't able to find the settings in provisioning for LDAP admin credentials for creating LDAP accounts. is this implemented or still in progress..?


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Title:[Provisioning] Directory Administrator settings (username and password) for creating LDAP accounts missing..?» LDAP User: Directory Administrator settings (username and password) for creating LDAP accounts missing..?

they are defined in the server instance. keep in mind that a single "physical" ldap can have multiple server configurations. So a typical use case might involve separate server configurations with different basedn, bindingdns, etc for provisioning and functionality needing less elevated privileges.

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You mean this setting field "Service Account Binding Credentials" ..? I thought it is just for advanced search which requires authentication!.. There should be a better caption for this, like a line stating that "require for provisioning" or " require for creating or editing LDAP accounts" would do.

I want to enter "cn=Directory Manager" as the LDAP admin's DN and password as password

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Yes. Thats the setting. I would also suggest a validation warning on the ldap user admin page that came up if a binding dn and pwd isn't present in the server thats selected.

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