How is it possible to archive public chat messages? also is it possible to create more public chat rooms?


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Version: 6.x-2.0-beta10 » 6.x-2.0-beta11

Which polling method are you using?

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I am using the default Ajax method.

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I do plan to introduce the chat archiving feature. But unfortunately, at the moment, I am tied up with the development going on the demo site. Thanks.

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I am just wondering on the technical side. My experience is primarily based on C++/C#, but currently when you access /messages you are able to see the archived chat. What is the table name where the chat messages get stored?. I would imagine it should not be too difficult to alter the script to enable save messages from all users from a public chat within the database and then retrieve it. I will do some research and try to implement it myself, but was hoping for a headups up by telling me a psudo code of the process involved.

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+1000, chat logging for the public chatroom would be huge. I am using the drupal 7 version (AJAX polling), but yeah.

Users should be able to login, open the public chatroom, and see what people have been talking about.

Anyone have the skills to implement this?