Hi, sorry if its is rather a stupid question however i have followed the documentation provided ;

1. Download the module from Drupal.org/project/chatroom and save it to your
   modules folder.
2. Enable the module at admin/build/modules.
3. Copy chatroomread.php from the chatroom folder to the webroot of your site.
   chatroomread.php should sit next to your index.php file.
4. If your module folder is somewhere other than 'sites/all/modules/chatroom',
   set the path to the folder in settings.php:
   $conf['chatroom_module_dir'] = 'path/to/the/chatroom/module/directory';
5. Enable access to chatrooms and chat for some roles on your site.

I have enabled permissions and access to chatrooms. I added the chatroom blocks, but i still cannot see the chat interface. What am i missing? is there other documentation out there for this?. Also when i access chatroomread.php, i get a blank page. Thanks


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Same problem here, did you ever figure out the solution?

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