I find the admin overlay to be a problem on some church computers and especially Tablets. I normally turn off/remove the overlay but it is required the the OpenChurch Defaults module.

Is there anyway to disable the Overlay in OpenChurch?


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You can disable the overlay on a per user basis. It is found on the Edit page of the user's account.

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I have unchecked the overlay for all roles, but it is still displaying. I looked at the user settings and this is not an option.

As a test, I enabled the Overlay for the Editor and Administrator roles and then unchecked them in the User account. That worked. I then disabled the overlay at the role level and it worked. It must have been a cache issue.

Closing as Cannot Reproduce.


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Oh! Ya the overlay is really annoying. I have disabled in 1x-dev, will probably have a new release this weekend.

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Pushed to 7.x-1.11-alpha8

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Thanks, drupalninja99! I will look to apply the latest release to our church's site.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.