I am using Drupal Core 6.24, with Menu Per Role version 6.x-1.11.

After installation of the module, I enabled it, and have now gone to edit a menu item - so that I can restrict visibility to users with certain user roles.

However, upon editing the menu item, there is no "restrict visibility" anywhere to be seen.

What might cause this?



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You may want to check out the permissions and eventually change the settings in Administer » Site configuration » Menu per roles.

As far as I know, if you are the administrator (UID = 1) then you should always see the menu restriction checkboxes.

I was on 6.24 not that long ago and am on 6.26 now and it works on my systems. I don't recall having to tweak anything in Core to make it work (as was the case a while back, but the problem was with the save, not the visibility.)

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

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Hrm, menu per role is not showing up in the site configuration menu.

This makes me think it might be installed incorrectly or broken, because the module is certainly enabled.

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Ah! It looks like you are using menu admin or admin menu or something like that, isn't it?

I think there are compatibility issues with that menu.

But yes, if you do not see the configuration in your configuration menu then something went wrong.