When i first enter fullcalendar view edit page, calendar is not showing.
But when i click on update preview button, calendar appear.
On site, calendar is not showing, but when i look into the source, code is ok.

fullcalendar.png69.9 KBnpantos
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Version: 7.x-2.0-beta3 » 7.x-2.0

i have exactly the same problem.
using fullcalendar 7.x-2.0, drupal 7.17 and the zurb-foundation theme (default styles).
tried to delete and recreate the page with views but no luck.

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Both block and page doesn't display anything, if you add views-footer it will show (edit: the views-footer I meant).

Digging at the resulted html in browser I found:

<div class="fullcalendar-content">
  <div class="fullcalendar-event">

Hidden by this css rule at fullcalendar.theme.css line 76:

.js .fullcalendar-content {
    display: none;

I assumed the fullcalendar.js failed to kicked in and draw the calendar, but the original content was already hidden.

I don't find anything weird in the firebug console.

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I got the calendar to display by installing the jQuery Update module and using jQuery v1.8

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Similar problem, in admin views, events show up on future months as well as current - on my actual display, only current month shows events - further months do not. Site built in drupal 7, fusion, and panels.