It says in the features at that the module allows user to subscribe during registration but I cannot see any checkbox or form during registration.

How to get the form/checkbox during registration in drupal 7.

Also, I am using Ubercart, is there a way to get mailchimp form/checkbox during checkout as well.

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For others to be able to help you, you should provide more details about what the configurations are that you tried and in what configuration this thing you want isn't working.

I'm just guessing here, but make sure to check different 'list settings' -> 'Type of list' options on the MailChimp modules' settings page.

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Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.x-dev


Is there no simple way to expose a "subscribe" checkbox or checkboxes on the user registration form?
If there is a way, it is not well-documented.

I have tried, required, optional, and free-form lists, but the form at user/register has not changed at all.

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I worked it out, but it takes a moment to understand. I am guessing "free-form" means that the list is a form that will display in a block/page somewhere, hence why the option to show it during registration disappears. You want optional.

The temptation is also to set up an optional list and select "anonymous" as you want anonymous users to be able to sign up. You don't - the registration form is for signing up to be an authenticated user, so that is the role you need. Here are my settings that are working for me in my sandbox:

Mailchimp settings

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Chris Graham.There are a lot of options: we'll see if we can't clarify the config options a little in the next release.

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Hi Chris Graham,

Can you tell me in which part of the configuration we can see the screenshot that you attach?

Thank you so much in advance... :)

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@maferpar that's all from the 2x branch of the module. It has been completely refactored. you would now use "Mailchimp Lists" module and create a field on the User entity to get this effect (on 3x or 4x).

Note that the Mailchimp API has been updated, and you should only be using the 4x branch of this module.

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@gcb Thanks a lot ! It help me a lot and saves my time.
Thank you once again :)