I'm using a d7.15 custom field of type long text and summary with a default value. With the Custom Field Permission set to authenticated user (plus admin), the field does not display for the authenticated user, but does for the admin user. The authenticated user has permission to create this content type that has the field in question and other "public" fields display properly. When this field is set to "public"", it too displays for the authenticated user.


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I'm running into the same problem but you seem to be a step further than me. Where are you finding the Custom Field Permissions and setting them to authenticated user?

Thanks for any help.

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Could you please confirm if you are using the LoginToboggan module?
(and if so, does the problem vanish if you disable LoginToboggan?)

Ref. the discussion here:
#1722134: When choosing custom permission, checkboxes dialog does not appear

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

No follow up. Assuming this is fixed by LoginToboggan issue.