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I maybe incorrect on this, but from some testing and a quick read of the code, it seems like the 6.x version of ESI doesn't over-ride theme('block', ...) requests, it just handles theme('blocks') / i.e. regions. Am I reading this correctly or am I missing something big? This seems like a problem for people that are using something like blockref to "manually" place blocks in a custom layout. It also seems like adding theme('block',...) support would be fairly trivial, but again I want to be sure I'm not missing something. Has anyone hit this before?



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Open to a patch for this. This is a use case I don't have, thus it's not coded. Seems like you would have the override call theme('esi_tag', 'block', $block).

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Check this module http://drupal.org/project/easy_authcache
version 2.x-dev support ESI also