Hello, ( and sorry for my bad english ).
I am trying to rebuild a site from D6 to D7 with private content pieces in organic groups... hoping multifiles upload with non buggy widgets ( but that other point appears to need work at the moment ...).

First, if the file path is : [current-date:custom:Y]/[current-date:custom:m], it works well and creates the year and month directory if non existant and put the files in it
( files/priv/2012/09 ).

When i add the organic group group token [node:og_group_ref] that is :
The validation of the node gives an error :
Notice : Undefined property: stdClass::$original dans file_field_update() (ligne 265 dans /Applications/drupal7/modules/file/file.field.inc).
The node is created though but the files are placed in a bad folder structure : look at the pdf file attached.

FFP-error.pdf43.73 KBHerVil
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