Any fixes/ideas yet why Media Gallery pages loads so slowly?
I am talking about page where is thumbnails. I have couple of different installation of drupal 7 on different servers and all Media Gallery pages loads rather slowly.

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I do not know the setup of your servers. For me it is not working particular slowly. If you have some benchmarks showing the difference between the media_gallery and a similar page just made by views, please feel free to reopen.

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it's still slow. check my screenshot pls
others pages take about 1sec

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Yes it is slow. My example here:

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Yes, something has happened recently as far as I can tell to slow this down considerably and it eats up huge memory. I have a couple of very simple sites using the Gallery. One has been active since April 2012 and gallery page loading has definitely slowed down since I initially set it up.

I have another in development which was running fine when I initially set it up November 2012 however today I was reviewing it and I was getting 'white screens' whenever I did anything like tried to edit a gallery or even clearing the cache. It was running 128MB of Ram so I bumped it up to 256MB and the 'white screens' went away. It's still quite slow.

I wonder if it isn't one of the dependent modules that is causing the trouble like media or something?

It's such a handy and flexible module but it would be absolutely dynamite if we can get over the massive RAM appetite and lack of speed. My server log isn't showing me anything useful.


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Very slow here as well.

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Exact same problem for me... I can't figure out what cause this troubles.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-beta8 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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Title: Slow page load » Extremely slow page load and excessive memory usage for Media Gallery module

Very slow and performance damaging for me as well.

We've been doing a lot of performance testing on our site, using New Relic, Droptor memory usage, etc. and the biggest load by far is any Media Gallery page -- even with only a few thumbnails on it.

It shows as about twice as time consuming etc. as the next most intense page on New Relic, and it shows as about 250MB of memory usage typically -- with sometimes exceeding that -- and often failing to load due to exceeding maximum memory usage (we haven't increased the memory any further to accomodate it, as it so dramatically higher usage than any other module or page).

I share ace11's confusion -- why if the Media module and everything else (including other Views and other pages displaying images) are performing dramatically better than this, why would this one module leak or overload so much?

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Same here: especially as a moved the site in production in a smaller server. Any fix for this? It seems like that loading the page a second will load without problems.

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Same here: Gallery Load is very slow.

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@somatics did you try using XHprof to profile the media gallery page? This would be the first thing I'd do to find what is causing the issue.

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Caching helps - a lot! Varnish is a hero here. APC/Opcode is a must.

I use Views with media_gallery (not easy, but helps me cache lists better).