I've installed and enabled the mod but I do not have fields for meta tags showing up in any kind of content. Some of the configuration instructions on the Meta tags quick page basically don't seem to exist in my version of (7) of Drupal. For example, at Administer > Configure >search and meta data I do not have "meta tags (quick) settings) on my menu. Similarly, at Administer > Configuration, I don't have "content types." I'm fairly new at using Drupal so I'm sure I'm missing something in plan site. But nonetheless I could sure use a solution! Thanks in advance.


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Are you logged in as a superuser (user/1). If not, site admin has to give you permissions to manage meta tags

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I too have the same issue. I've checked the permissions and it has my role checked to access metadata quick . Should it take some time to take effect? as initially the permissions weren't even available. I've also logged out and logged in to see if it will update.

I can add a meta field to a basic page though.

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access meta tags is not enough, you need administer meta tags permission to add/edit tags.
*Sometimes* it really can take some time before changes take into effect, cleaning drupal cache can help

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)