I installed a Meta tags quick module because I want to create a meta descriptoins to my site. I have activated meta taqs quick, Extra functionality and upgrade from Nodewords. Now I have meta description field on every content type. I inserted meta description for every content type but still there are no meta descriptions. Do I have to insert meta descriptions for existing content manually?
How can I write meta description for front page?

The solutsion is probably very easy, but I cant find solution by myself.


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I have the same problem. The homepage show keyword and all other fields but no description field.
Any idea what the solution is?

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I would recommend to try without extra functionality, using "core" metatags_quick. Does that help?

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I have got the same problem. I tried it without extra functionality, but no meta description is showing.

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Hi @fhdrupal ,

1. If you had a previous version of the module installed, disable, uninstall it, remove the old module directory, copy in the new unstable3 release and enable both the Meta tag and Meta tag UI modules.
2. Go to admin/config/search/metatags/config/global:frontpage/edit
3. Edit front page tags with the desired text and available tokens and press 'Save'.
4. Done!

Please try this!

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Can you check This thread.


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Hi @Studiographene,
Thanks for your reply and suggestion, I solved my problem and posted my solution to the following thread. The problem was views taking over the taxonomy terms pages metatags.