Thank you so much for this great module!
I just used node export features for importing article contents to other drupal site.
But the date becomes today's date...which I wish it could be original published date.
This article was submitted 2 years ago and now I imported to new drupal site and it shows today.

It gives site visitors confusion...and I think it is better to set original published date if it's possible.
I saw other issue comment about same thing on feed feature here
Change standard node export import mapping for published date
I attached wrong image and wanted to change but I can't. THis is my image capture.

This is newly imported article.
Thank you for your consideration and keeping the great module and work!! :)

download_nodeexport_feature.gif12.45 KBHappyJiyoung
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Hi, I had a similar problem and in my case it was because a mistake of mine. I told my case in another comment, but i'll reply it here in case is the same problem:
My mistake was that I had done the configuration of the module in the site from which I exported the nodes, even though it says clairly "Import". So, what I did once my mind illuminated is to configure the site where I imported the nodes as to not reset the values when importing.

Good luck!

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wrong image attachment

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Thanks jpbis, that got me too! :-)

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Yes it's a setting.