I've noticed that the hosting_site.form.js is replacing field descriptions when a field has only one valid value with the text of the only value. This is fine until a hook_form_alter is altering the field reducing it to one value only. In this specific case the current code


when contents() method is call it returns an empty element. Replacing it like this example


solves the problem.
Moreover contents() method (similar to children()) is used to fetch the element nodes of the given element. In this context is quite useless because we're trying to fetch nodes and then wipe them out with the replaceWith() call.

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Here's the patch that fixes the issue.

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Would it be possible to provide a reproducible test case so we can test this fix please?

I.e. does this happen with a clean install of Aegir? If not, then could you provide a minimal form alter to reproduce this issue?

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Well I would change it anyway do to a misuses of jQuery contents() method, but you can easily reproduce the bug enabling SSL support and then implementing this in hook_form_alter for a site node form

if ($form_id == 'site_node_form') {
  $keys = hosting_ssl_get_keys();
  $form['ssl_key']['#options'] = $keys;
  // Set default value to the first value of the list.
  $form['ssl_key']['#default_value'] = array_shift(array_keys($keys));

and implement this in hook_hosting_site_options_alter()

if (isset($return['ssl_key']) && $node->ssl_enabled != 0) {
    $ssl_keys = hosting_ssl_get_keys();
    $return['ssl_key'] = array_keys($ssl_keys);
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Thanks for the information, we'll get this fix in.

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Status: Needs review » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Sorry, can you provide a screenshot of what you mean please? I'm struggling reproduce any issue and then apply a fix to it.

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I'm trying to create some screenshots to show you what's happening (I have to prepare everything again to reproduce the bug).
Meanwhile you can check about contents documentation (http://api.jquery.com/contents/)
and html(value) (http://api.jquery.com/html/#html2).

Apart from the bug encountered, I think it is better to use html() method because it's faster than calling contents() (which fetch the HTML of a given selector and then builds jquery objects) and the replacing everything that has been just parsed with replaceWith() method.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

The 1.x branch of Aegir is deprecated. Please re-open if you can re-produce this issue on the latest 2.x or later branches.