how top add navigation to the slideshow banner in danland theme
and which module is used in danland for slideshow??


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Title: slider in banner » Banner slideshow (region)
Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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Originally, I think this was a support request, badly/confusingly formulated.
Trying to guess the real question:
a) Danland does not have a suitable region for showing slideshows as "banner" on top of the page, or top-right corner.
b) Danland is just using its own, function to loop through images in a subfolder of the theme, not using a special module for this. Better look at to get something more flexible. Or .

That said, I think that we can turn this into a proper "feature request just for the missing banner "region".


Make a new "banner" region above the search region on the top-right corner.

That region should right-align its content by default, and fill the space until a few pixels before it meets the site name / slogan region on the left side. It should not go above them, but side-by side with a little padding.
Look at the "Mix_and_match" theme for an example.

With such a practical banner region in place, check out dedicated banner/advertisement modules for use for such a region: