There is a small error in the code of the function page_title_form_views_ui_config_item_form_alter() (line 682):

list($display_id, $section, $section_id) = explode('-', $form['#secton']);

should be

list($display_id, $section, $section_id) = explode('-', $form['#section']);

This fixes 3 PHP notices when configuring a view:

  • Notice : Undefined offset: 1 dans page_title_form...
  • Notice : Undefined offset: 2 dans page_title_form...
  • Notice : Undefined index: #secton dans page_title...
page_title-notices.patch605 bytesNewSky
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Have applied patch on a fresh install of drupal-7.15 with current version of page_title-7.x-2.x.

Patch works fine and problem is resolved.

Ready to commit.