We need some final designs/spec for this. I know Gábor attempted to implement this last sprint and hit a couple of walls, so it'd be good to sync up with him on what those were. See #1721898: [META] As a content editor, I want to be able to go to a page and select from pre-existing layouts and see content change for more details.

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Priority: Major » Critical
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So here are designs that I put together for how this works in the admin. My assumption here is that we have pre-configured these "starter" layouts to cover the 80% use case and that the user will clone one and re-name it.
The panel is a fieldset so that the user who already has a bunch of layouts can hide the starters.

This still does not cover the issue of "live switching" between layouts while viewing your content in place. I'm working on designs for that.

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Title: [Design] What lies under the "Edit layouts" tab? » Layout administration page
Component: Code » Design
Priority: Critical » Normal
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Re-titling this, and downgrading priority. Also marking fixed, since we have the designs. :)

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Title: Layout administration page » Layout administration page designs
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Title: Layout administration page designs » Prototype Layout administration page designs
Assigned: tkoleary » prestonso

Actually, let's do this instead. Workflow!

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Status: Fixed » Active
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Project: Spark » Layout
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Moving to the Layout queue for posterity.