Firstly - I'm quite impressed with the performance and functionality in the
Boost module. It is reducing page load from a cold cache of 8 seconds down to

I'm in the process of implementing Boost on a site that has low
usage and high number of updates. This makes it important to warm the cache
after any update is made. (only unauthenticated usage is relevant for the
time being)

My implementation is going well:
Confirmed successful dependancy configuration of views on respective nodes.
Confirmed CRON successfully crawling and refreshing the cache

Unfortunately when an update is made to a node, the respective dependancies
are expired (expected) however the attempt at running the crawler seems to
fail in the function:
It seems to fail at the point when the crawler is being invoked to refresh the cache due to the elements that have just been set to expired. The critical point is the referrer being the page edit URL, not the expected

Have I configured this incorrectly? Is there a patch / fix for this?