Thumbnails are not created for subfolders.

"mass importing" files from sites/default/files/images make the images available for "handling" (inserting, editing deleting etc) by Drupal/Media module.

But thumbnails are not created for these files when browsing them as an editor. The images work in every other respect. Once inserted they show up fine in any media style. Also clicking on them to edit them in the content:files tab works brilliantly.

As a test I moved one of the images to sites/default/files and reimported and the thumbnail appears like expected.

The location of the file is known to Media, but the if the file is outside the "default" public files location of admin/config/media/file-system the thumbnail isn't rendered. Is there a way around this?


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Do you use the private file system by default? Is the sites/default/files/images directory a symlink?

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Hi David! We met briefly in Munich on the friday morning when I offered to help. Though I wound up in the coders lounge writing tests...

No, I use the public file system not the private. But this site is a "legacy" site upgraded from Drupal 6 with a lot of images from the previous (D6) version, so they are kind of hard to move from the existing path without breaking references to them elsewhere.

The images that have "broken" thumbnails are in a subfolder called images (sites/default/files/images) within the default public files folder (sites/default/files). They were imported to be "recognized" (browsable, searchable) by Drupal (Media) through the "import files" option on "admin/content/file".

Apart from the thumbnails everything works brilliantly. You can find them by name, tag etc and insert them into nodes. So Media has no trouble handling them apart from the thumbnails. It seems to me Media (File entity) only looks for the original image in the default location (which is sites/default/files in my configuration)

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I encountered a similar problem and searching Media issues brought me here, however at least in my case the problem is with the Media Browser Plus module. If you have MBP installed then this thread is probably more useful: