Help! I am trying to get my feed to import into a content type. I have the feed set up as a XML chunk import (big feed). I followed the instructions but no luck.

Entered my feed URL- made sure it was correct
Using XML CHUNK (feed is pretty large)
entered my Xpath "//soccer" (importing soccer game scores- tried with Xpath and w/o same problem)
entered unique id "soccer" (tried with ID and w/o same problem)
added a filed "TYPE"
-no Xpath in TYPE
-default value is my content type "soccer_feed" (also tried using "page" but still nothing)

Processed- and no error- got an all good message, but nothing is added to my content type. I double checked my feed URL- and with core aggregator it imports all the info with no problem- but I still need it to go into my content type. Ran cron, still nothing.

I also tried as regular "process XML" and I get an ok when I select to process the feed- but again no content is added.

Any suggestions? This is a new Drupal install- there are very few modules installed and fewer turned on. Goal is to get the feeds working first b4 I play with making the rest of the site.

Thank you in advance!!!!


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same problem here. I am getting crazy: I tried importing a youtube xml feed, a CSV and a standard xml file: nothing worked!

I absolutely need to import lots of nodes from a CSV or a XML file, but feeds is still in alpha stage, this module doesn't work for me and so....This task is becoming very very very frustrating for me!

These are the occasions where I ate drupal.....

However, If you find any solution, please let me know...

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Title: feed not importing to content type » feed not importing to content type - probably incompatibilites
Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Assigned: Unassigned » nik381

Hello, reporting here and hope developer Sorin Sarca will help us with this,
as there is an error within
Only local images are allowed.

So as the last couple days I've checked several feed aggregation methods with drupal 7 I came that it is more than just this issue above, as with acclamied 'Feeds' images and content - also, and maybe someone more experienced with drupal could examine feed imports and features,


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looks like the RSS link changed and the new one is (still you can build your own here There is no error in, as the error says: HTTP request failed.

@cajinx please post a little part of your xml file in order to reproduce your case. Also if you have special field types please let me know.

And the last thing: somebody is using php 5.4?

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Hi all,

I also have problems importing contents using this module. I tried importing a youtube video feed (with the correct URL), but nothing happened: after setting up and processing the feed importer no new nodes are created. So I tried using a CSV file to import the same data: nothing, no new nodes are created.

I am running php 5.3; the fields in the content type in which I would like to import data are:
- A text field (title) provided by the node module;
- A link field (provided by the link module);
- a Date field (provided by the date module);
- A term reference field (provided by drupal core).

I think I've done all correctly, but at this time I don't know; so could you please point me into the right direction? How should I set up a feed importer to import a youtube video feed? I would like to import videoTitle, videoURL, videoPubDate, videoAuthorName and videoAuthorChannelURL. I can import these informations using youtube feeds or a custom csv file I produced with a separate php script; the csv data structure is as follows:

I also need to avoid importing duplicate nodes using the "videoTitle" as unique per-item identifier...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello again and thank you for responding,
here is the log message where is the error in

-just for the reference,
also what drupal version, modules setup and configuration do you suggest for Feed Import to work as tested stable?

Please answer this as I've tested various modules so far, and found that your module could be mostly useful
Regards to all

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okies- well I am trying to import from a web feed located at:
source code is pretty much basic and lists on forever.....

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><rss version="2.0"><channel><title>Betfair: Soccer settlements in the last 24 hours</title><link></link><description>All Soccer settled in the last 24 hours on</description><image><url></url><title> - Smart minds betfair</title><link></link></image><item><title>Fixtures 29 August / Univ Catolica v Tolima - 17:03 1st Goal settled</title><link>;sportID=1&amp;marketID=106595650</link><description>
	    				Winner(s): Univ Catolica</description></item><item><title>Fixtures 29 August / Mineros v Cerro Porteno - 17:03 1st Goal settled</title><link>;sportID=1&amp;marketID=106595662</link><description>
	    				Winner(s): Cerro Porteno</description></item><item><title>Fixtures 29 August / Univ Catolica v Tolima - 17:03 2nd Goal settled</title><link>;sportID=1&amp;marketID=106595687</link><description>

Using the aggregator in core- and it pulls the feed ok- but honestly I have never had to pull a feed into a site like this before. My client wants to show all the feed items from this one site, (soccer in this case) and turn each feed item into a page. I must be doing something wrong, or there is something weird in the RSS/XML file. Sorry if I am doing something completely stupid... I feel like a noob because I am not seeing where I am messing things up.

I did create a standard page type with no extra fields, called feed_soccer (client will want more sports imported like this if I can get it to work). However I would be pleased as can be if it just imported to a basic page!

I even tried just importing as an HTML page- but I get an error:

        [0] => Array
                [error] => DOMDocument::loadHTMLFile() [domdocument.loadhtmlfile]: Tag rss invalid in, line: 1
                [error number] => 2
                [line] => 1246
                [file] => /home/oddsforc/public_html/sites/all/modules/feed_import/


    Feed processed!

Any suggestions welcome. :) Thank you ootles in advance.

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Hello cajinx,

After several compatibilty issues I've found this configuration among overall Feeds modules working and possible to suite your site
CCK 5x 1-6-1
embed field 5x 1-0
Feed API 5x 1-1
Feed API Mapper 5x 1-0 b6
Feed API Node Views 5x 1-1
SimplePie parser 5x 1-1

Also would ask Feed Import module developer - Sorin Sarca to post instructions and configuration specifications as would be much helpful for all Drupal memebers,

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I will give your system a try! I am going to see if this system can work on Drupal 7.14! I have high hopes your direction can give me a solid base to go from. I hope Sorin Sarca will post config specs- the Feed Import module is awesome, and additional info for complex imports would be so helpful!


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I also was having issues importing trough this module and I am not able to solve them.

I am using drupal 7.14; when I try to process a feed importer I get the maintenance page shown up on the screen...

Maybe I should start a bug report for this?

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still no results- still trying to get feeds import to work- but no luck yet, still trying to make another viable solution on Drupal 7.15- still nothing working or exciting to report. Hopefully someone will crack this.

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@sorin: why do you ask about php version? could this be a problem for Feed importer? I use php 5.4 and I have the same problem when trying to import a xml file. Seams the xml loops throw its nodes because I got the same number of generated contents as nodes are inside the xml. The problem is that the content is populated with empty/default values.
I tried to follow this tutorial and face the above problem.

thanks in advance.

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I've reported a bug a while ago to regarding SimpleXml, looks like nobody submitted a patch. You can get more info from there. (Anyway, Drupal 7 doesn't run very well on 5.4.)
Sorry to say but until that bug is solved I can do nothing, so you have to stick on 5.3 to use Feed Import.
Still, if I will have some free time maybe I will rewrite it for 5.4 but I don't know the performance impact.

Also, I'm looking for new maintainers for Feed Import development (to add some new features).

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Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.x-dev

One modification I had to do for PHP 5.4 was to remove the cast and iterate instead in FeedImport::processXML(), as the cast resulted in an empty array.

      foreach ($xml as &$item) {
        // Set this item value to entity, so all entities will be in $xml at end!
        $item = self::createEntity($feed, $item);
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forgot to mention I ran cron in-between to make sure content wasn't magically gonna show up.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

The 2.7 release should fix xpath problems for php 5.4.