This module does not work in IE10 does not switch pictures in browser
no display error
in Chrome IE9 Opera Firefox work


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Same Problem here:
- Drupal core version: 7.17
- Galleria Plugin version: 7.x.10-beta-3
- Galleria Library version: 1.2.8

Galleria options:
- height: 768
- width: 1024
- lightbox: false
- thumbQuality: force height quality
- preload: 4
- showCounter: false
- showInfo: true
- showImagenav: false

Maybe this helps a bit to reproduce and fix this problem :)

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I'm having the same problem as well. The problem only exists in IE10. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Same here

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Install latest 7.x-dev version of to update your jQuery and configure it to use jQuery 1.8 (may work with other versions too). That solved the issue for me.

Edited: Hmph... Updating to jQuery 1.8 broke the CKEditor drag&drop toolbar building functionality... Looks like jQuery 1.7 works better than 1.8 — try to use jQuery 1.7.

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Switching to jQuery 1.7 also fixed the problem for me.

Is there anything that can be done to fix the issue in the galleria modul or is using the dev version of the jquery-update modul the only option we have?

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Installing jquery_update 7.x-1.0-alpha3 and then setting jQuery Version to 1.7 at admin/config/development/jquery_update did fix Galleria for me in IE10!

However, there are other problems:

  • MS has a compatibility scan tool up now at . IE10 actually wants jQuery 1.7.2+, not 1.7.1, according to that tool. You can download jQuery 1.7.2 and drop it into your jquery_update/replace/jquery/1.7 folder to get 1.7.2 out of jquery_update and I did that and it seemed to not cause any problems and is then happy with the jQuery version. Next, the tool will complain about your version of jquery.form, which I did not bother updating.
  • You should know that having jquery_update set to 1.7 breaks the Views administrative interface. Specifically, the Ajax breaks when you are editing a view field and you check boxes like "provide a label for this field" or "Rewrite HTML for this field". You check the boxes but the text inputs to type the value in never appear. If you disable jquery_update module then these will start working again (at the expense of IE10 visitors on your site not being able to click or use gallerias and who knows what else). Updating jquery.form to a compatibile version might fix this problem.. or it might cause more problems. I didn't try it.
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Is there any solution? I need the Views administrative interface AND Galleria. Such a "hack" is workaround but no solution. :-(

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This works for me:

Edit the includes/ file and add the following to the $transitionOptions array at line 130:

    'none'      => t('None'),

Then go and edit your option set for Galleria (admin/config/media/galleria). In the Name|Value section at the bottom, select "transition" and add it. Then choose "None" from the list. That forces the module to output "transition: none" for the galleria and IE10 is once again happy.

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#9 solves my issue with IE10, but the code line in, in my case, is 137, after

$transitionOptions = array(


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#9 fixed IE10 for me too, thanks @incrn8! Yay - no more jquery_update!

Here it is as a proper patch against 7.x-1.x-dev for review.

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all this is great, but what about those of us who need both Views as well as the fade effect in Galleria? As Cebra said, #7 and #11 is workaround but no a solution!

UPDATE: I've installed the stable 7.x-2.3 version of and set it to Jquery 1.7. Don't forget toclear your caches - both in Drupal installation and IE10 browser. All works in Views admin UI as well- no problems.

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I confirm #12 EDIT. JQuery Update fixes the problem and doesn't break Views UI.

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I installed latest galleria jQuery plugin i.e 1.3.2. That's fixed my issue.

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Thanks for the work on this! #9 and the later patches work well