Hello, as version 4 stuck atm I've built own version, based on Entities and Entities API. This gives out of box support for Views, Rules, etc.

moved to d.o.

State of this version need a lot of work and its state between dev and alpha, I think, but it is working and usable. So feel free to test and report issues.

I would love to get maintainer permissions on this module and continue develop this version, but it will be finished to some state anyway, so your reports are very welcome and appreciated.


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Great! can you expose a way for upgrade path?

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Added Migration from 2.x branch

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Hi gumanist,

I would like to help to get this going. I have an idea to join Invite module (4.x version that supports Entities) with OG 7.2 (which is also based on Entities now) and create an OG Invite module which would help us inviting new members to groups.
Is there a possibility you could push this Invite 4.x branch to d.o so the development process would speed up?

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Thanks for your interest. I will push it on d.o. till the end of the week

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This is something I ran to while searching http://drupal.org/project/invites
It is based on entities too and it would be best to join forces and make one good invite module instead of having n of them half done.

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Version: master » 7.x-4.x-dev

I pushed some fixes and small improvements to the invite 4.x branch. Conceptually, I think this is quite solid - it obviously misses some polishing and API docs though.

I like the idea of having different sending methods - that worked well in my use-case. However, when applying custom token replacements this reminds me a bit of message module and its stack - not sure whether integration with that would make sense somehow. Maybe it could be integrated such that message generation is handed over to it?

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4.x is what a client needs to meet our needs, but obviously we're worried about it's alpha status. What needs to be done for a more stable release to be created? I could probably put some time into it.

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@coreyp_1: I will release recommended beta this week, believe your help will be useful after that, when more users will test it

@fago: guess integration with message module could be useful, but will not it be enough to have it as submodule?

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A beta release on the 7.x-4.x branch would be great. It would signify that the API is stable, and projects should consider evaluating it for use.

I've filed a few bugs which I'll try to find time to write patches for soon.

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Added beta1 version.
@joachim: thanks a lot for that testing and review.

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As dev branch moved to d.o. updated information about development branch